Foundations Program

First time at CrossFit?

This program is divided into two 1-on-1 sessions in a one week period that will provide the new member with an individualized focus on establishing a familiarization of the CrossFit methodology, and its fundamental concepts and movements. These sessions will cover techniques in the families of weightlifting, powerlifting, mobility exercises, and metabolic conditioning. The Foundations Program has an upfront fee of $125 for the sessions.Upon successful completion of these two sessions, members will be able to safely and comfortably join our regular DWC group training classes.

If you are transitioning to Dogwood CrossFit from another affiliate, we are more than happy to confirm your participation in this type of Foundation Program and waive the assigned fee.

What are you getting with your membership?

At Dogwood CrossFit we work hard to program your workouts, instruct proper movements and techniques as well as provide any health or nutritional feedback necessary to ensure that you are receiving the best tools to accomplish your desired fitness goals. Unlimited memberships not only cover all instructed CrossFit classes but also include any classes that DWC may offer through the expertise of our coaches, such as Olympic Weight Lifting or Yoga. It is only when we offer a clinic not provided by our coaches that there will be an extra fee and the choice to participate will be completely yours.

Unlimited Membership

  • $160/month (Individual)
    • 24/7 weight room access 
  • $210/month (Couples)

Public Servant Memberships

  • $75/month (Individual)
  • $140/month (Couples)

Student Memberships

  • 15% off regular membership

Drop-In Rates

  • $15/single session
  • $135/10 sessions