Dogwood Warm-up
Butt Kicks
High Knees
Toe Touches
Walking Lunges
10 Push Ups
10 Supermans
10 Spidermans
10 V Ups

Weakness Warm Up
2k Row (Time)
Max Effort 2k Row

10:00 CAP
Remember, this is a warm up. If you’re feeling good push the pace, if not the just get warm.
Deadlift (4×4 @ 70-80% Every 2:00 – T&G NO BOUNCE)
Use the same weight for all sets. These should be controlled, perfect reps. DO NOT let your ego decide your weight today
Metcon (Time)
4 Rounds 20:00 CAP
30/18 Calorie Bike
400m Run
1:00 Rest

4 Rounds 20:00 CAP
15 Burpees to 6" Target
400m Run
1:00 Rest

4 Rounds 20:00 CAP
15 Regular Burpees
400m Run
1:00 Rest

Best Self Challenge
4 Rounds 20:00 CAP
10 Regular Burpees
400m Run
1:00 Rest

Each one of these rounds should have an aggressive pace. Hit your burpees hard, then straight out the door!
April Abs
3 sets
:90 Plank
10 Band Good Morning