The Box for Everyone

At Dogwood CrossFit we use constantly varied, functional movements at a high-intensity to promote and uphold the highest standards of fitness, health and wellness. DWC not only focuses on these goals, but also the importance of family, relationships and camaraderie built through this growing community. We are excited to bring this style of workout to the Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville and the Lake Norman area.

DWC is committed to each and every member in providing the best tools to achieve the individual health and fitness objectives set forth by our members. We believe in balance; a healthy fitness lifestyle includes working hard and playing hard. Goals must be set and challenges must be made, but not without having some fun while doing it! We want to create an atmosphere that is friendly and encouraging, allowing members to work at pace tailored for them. It is quality not quantity. We want every member to leave with the best fitness experience with the desired results. DWC’s commitment to members is ensured by limited class sizes to ensure every member receives the focus needed to reach their fitness goals.

We strive to influence a fitter and healthier community with a focus on growing strong lasting relationships. Age and profession is only a number and a title. No matter if you are a mom, student, nurse, accountant, member of the military or professional athlete, Dogwood CrossFit is committed to your personal fitness aims and needs.